LiquiBand® Flow Control

Fast, precise and controlled topical skin closure.

LiquiBand® Flow Control

LiquiBand® Flow Control
LiquiBand® Flow Control

Key Features

LiquiBand® Flow Control has a unique, winged applicator to facilitate safe and easy activation, along with accuracy and control.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Perfectly suited for use in Emergency Departments

  • Designed for closure of clean, fresh wounds where the edges are easily apposed and not under tension.
  • Contains 100% butyl cyanoacrylate.
  • Suitable for the closure of acute wounds including scalp, chin, and facial lacerations.1
  • Pre assembled with an integrated flow control precision tip.

Design Features

Design Features

1 Unique applicator

  • Winged applicator allows easy and safe priming application
  • Visidome enables clinician to see how much skin adhesive is available

2 Precision control applicator tip

  • Safe, effective and rapid wound closure for scalp lacerations
  • Precision control tip ideal for areas of dense hair growth

Improved patient safety

  • Delivers safe, fast closure
  • Provides low exothermic reaction

Fast and precise

  • Strong and secure wound closure
  • Quick 30-second dry time1
  • Controlled placement of adhesive

Application Guide

Application Guide


  • While holding upright, squeeze the applicator wings until a cracking sound is heard


  • Invert the tip and gently squeeze wings to prime
  • When the tip fills with adhesive LiquiBand® Flow Control is ready to use
  • Ensure that wound is thoroughly clean and dry prior to closure


  • While holding the wound edges together, apply an even coat of LiquiBand® Flow Control over the length of the wound
  • Continue to hold the wound edges together for 30 seconds
NOTE: If being used in areas of dense natural hair, take care when applying as hair follicle damage may occur if over applied.  If using on the eye area, adjust the patient’s position. Use petroleum jelly to create a barrier close to the wound, and use surgical gauze to protect the patient’s eyes.

Sizes & Codes

LiquiBand® Flow Control

ProductProduct CodeVolume per EachEach per Box
LiquiBand® Flow ControlLFC 0020.5g12


1. Data on file at Advanced Medical Solutions (Plymouth) Ltd.
© 2016. LiquiBand is a registered trademark of Advanced Medical Solutions (Plymouth) Ltd.

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